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Regulatory Legal Lobs
in the Cayman Islands, BVI,
Bermuda and The Channel Islands

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CML has been placing lawyers for over 15 years and we have direct links with all the leading regulatory lawyers in all major offshore financial centers. If you are looking to take your career offshore or make a strategic career move, our team can help.

Why Offshore?

The offshore regulatory landscapes have rapidly evolved over the last five years. It’s fair to say that regulatory law as a distinct practice area is a relatively new concept for many of the offshore jurisdictions, but there is considerable growth. Offshore lawyers have had to deal with an onslaught of new regulatory oversight from all corners of the globe encompassing AML regulation, FATCA/CRS, GDPR, and other initiatives from the likes of the FATF, OECD, and the EU. Accordingly, almost all of the major offshore law firms now have a burgeoning regulatory practice. This has created many opportunities for onshore regulatory lawyers looking to advance their careers.

Quality of Work

The quality of work as a regulatory lawyer offshore is very similar to that at a top city law firm as you are largely dealing with the same regulatory bodies and initiatives. Your client base will be diverse and include onshore law firms, investment funds, investment managers, banks, directors, and trustees. As it is somewhat of a fledgling practice area, there is more opportunity to move up the ladder quickly.

What Experience Are Employers Looking For?

Offshore law firms will look to hire regulatory lawyers from a range of different backgrounds. FS Reg lawyers from top private practice firms along with lawyers working in-house at regulatory bodies or banks will be very attractive. Jurisdictionally, lawyers from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will all be welcomed. Equally, corporate, finance or funds lawyers with a desire to work in regulatory will also be marketable.

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Why Consider Regulatory Legal Jobs in Cayman?
  • Increase your income with a higher, tax-free or low-tax salary
  • Enhance your career with high-quality of work
  • Achieve early promotion in a booming industry sector
  • Improve your quality of life with shorter commutes and year-round outdoor activities in a tropical, pollution-free environment

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